Thursday, December 17, 2009

Unwelcome News

I have been feeling unwell ever since the bout of gastro I had a month ago and my GP ordered more tests and then a CT scan which I had on Monday.

She called me in early Tuesday morning for bad news - the scan shows advanced bowel and liver cancer. I saw a specialist Tuesday afternoon and I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow to see if surgery is an option for the bowel cancer - probably not. I am seeing an oncologist on Monday to determine treatment options. Definitely chemotherapy to start ASAP.

We have had to cancel our January cruise which is a disappointment, but fast treatment is a priority. I am so grateful for the Australian health system and private health insurance - so far we have not had to pay for anything.

I will start fiddling with fibre again as soon as possible. Forgive me if the entries are a bit patchy in the next few months.


downunderdale said...

Joan - our love and thoughts are with you - Dale and Ian

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you Joan. I lost your email address in a computer crash - mine is

Blessings from diana