Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Flowers

I have wanted a new car for awhile, and was determined that it should be red - which my first car was. We looked at several makes and models and eventually decided the Ford Fiesta was the most attractive option. The salesman told us there was a red one (I insisted on an automatic) on its way from Germany, and it would be here in six weeks. Very good. But then it was discovered that the red one had been sold, and the wait time for a red automatic would probably be six months. This is not a viable option for me, so I opted for a silver one, on which there was immediate delivery.

We picked it up yesterday, and to my surprise I was presented with this red flower arrangement as a small consolation.


downunderdale said...

a new silver bodgie Joan - enjoy driving it and be careful with that mobile phone blue tooth or not
And enjoy the lovely red flowers!


Jenny said...

The flowers are very nice but not the same as a red car. I love the silver and the car looks terrific. I have a suggestion though -have you thought of getting a body shop to paint it red?