Monday, December 17, 2007

Hot and cold

Strange weather we are having. It has been raining on and off for two days now. When it is raining it is quite cold. When it stops it is humid and sticky. I am not really liking it.

We have been looking for a fridge for Helen. She inherited our old one when we bought a new one for the Munster house and we have had her old one as a second/beer fridge. Apparently the fridge that was ours is not working all that well - possibly because it is a bit big for the alcove in her kitchen and is not getting enough ventilation. So she wants a new one. We will take hers(ours) back and pass her old one onto Martin when he moves into the unit.

But what about her? She passed the job of fridge finding on to Kevin, and we started by looking at secondhand fridges. We went to look at 2 yesterday. Both looked very out of date and had visible rust. One seller wanted $400, the other $250. We passed on both of them. Then we went to a dealer in secondhand fridges in Willetton. Fridges in better condition, but at prices approaching new discounted ones. Then we went into the city to a seconds store and discovered that the "seconds" were actually the same price as other stock. Obviously a brand new one was the way to go and we identified a suitable model.

I went out alone today and visited five different retailers. The same model was being sold at wildly different prices - almost $200 difference.

We have made our decision and bought the fridge. Kevin will collect it tomorrow, but we won't install it till the weekend when brother Graham can help.

The only fibre I have done is a bit more unpicking on the blocks - four down.

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