Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Workshop on the Web

The December issue has been online for more than a fortnight, but I only just got around to looking at it today. There are several articles that really interest me this time.

I have subscribed to Workshop on the Web since it began. I usually print off the articles that interest me and file them in a binder. Then I can never remember when a particular article was posted, so I go looking in the index of back issues. As I do, I notice other articles that sound interesting and haven't been printed out before, so I print them. By now I think I have printed off 99% of them.

Today when I started to print the December ones I noticed that the last lot I had filed was back in March, so I have downloaded June and September and will print them off in due course. I now need a new binder as well.

There is a new series called QuiltWow. The taster issue is quite interesting, but I am not sure that I will be subscribing.

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