Monday, January 5, 2009


I am always making them: shopping lists (I have a whiteboard inside the pantry door to help with that), things to do before a specific deadline, things to try that I see in books, magazines and on the internet (those lists are getting ginormous!)

What they all have in common is that they are things I am going to do/have to do in the future.

But I have had a road to Damascus moment (figuratively - you wouldn't want to be there literally at the moment), and am overwhelmed by a great light of understanding.

I saw somewhere (probably on one of the blogs I read, and I am sorry that I didn't note exactly where) that lists like the ones I list above are energy draining. All you need to list are those things you have actually done/accomplished.

Our daughter Helen is presenting her CV to a company for possible employment, and she sent it to me for editing (a minor task). In reading it I was impressed by all the accomplishments she could list.

So I will start listing all mine as well. BUT, I think, only what I have finished this year.

The dressmaking is going well - 3 pairs of trousers and three tops. Two tops to go - oops, I am making a list of things TO DO.

I have prepared the silk organza ready for printing for the commission I have, and prepared the digital images. Now I need to . . . oh dear, back to a TO DO list.

It is a nice idea to only list what has been done - but I don't think I am able to survive without my lists of things TO DO - and I can always cross things off!

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