Tuesday, February 24, 2009

After the drought . .

the blogs begin again. Sorry - I have no real excuse for the lack of postings. Haven't been sewing, but have been busy with various things.

Today I went into Perth (AFTER doing water aerobics, so I'm feeling virtuous) to join up with some other members of the Innovative Stitches group from the WA Embroiderers' Guild.

The aim was to experience a few of the wide range of activities on offer from PIAF, and incidentally to look at how various exhibitions were presented prior to our own exhibition in 2010.

Our first stop was some street theatre - the Mobile Sewing Company. The two performers embellish garments provided by the audience. The only cost is that if you wish to have your garment embellished YOU have to provide the power for their sewing machines by pedalling a bike. Great fun, and really interesting results.

Then we went to the Oscar Munoz exhibition. Loved the "Burnt Newspapers", and thought about a translation into textiles. But the highlight was the video projection called "Narcissus" (the image featured in the link). The face is charcoal dust screen printed on to water which then gradually drains away, destroying the face and its shadow

Our last stop was the Art gallery. Some wonderful indigenous art, including the forest of Larrakitj.

So today was a wonderful, art full day.

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