Monday, February 9, 2009

Cruise Textile Project

The cruise finished Friday morning. All in all we had a good time. We were very glad we got an upgrade from a cabin with balcony to a minisuite with balcony - the extra space made it so much more comfortable.

I planned a project for the trip. The 2008/2009 issue of Quilting Arts Gifts includes an article by Lois Jarvis on a travel scarf. She rust dyed a silk scarf, then made rubbings with Shiva sticks at every place she visited. What a great idea!

Right - first requirement is a heavily rusted cookie sheet. Search the cupboards, find a scone tray that looks as if it has seen better days, pour vinegar on it and leave in the garden near a sprinkler. Ten days later it looks OK. I find the silk scarf that Linda gave me.

I rusted it. Very happy with the results. Made up a travel pack: scarf, mini Shiva sticks, paper towels, Wet Ones, masking tape to hold fabric in position, all contained in 2 ziplock bags.

Packed it, forgot I had it while we were in Sydney, unpacked it when we got on the ship, forgot about it when we visited Noumea and Port Vila.

Last day of the cruise I decided I really had to do something with it. The balcony had a rubber flooring, I had gold, copper and silver Shiva sticks and a rusted scarf.

This is the result. I still need to iron it to set the paint and remove the fold creases.

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