Thursday, February 12, 2009


Since it is the first meeting of Designing Women for the year on Saturday and it's also Valentine's Day, we are going to have a heart swap. It is also a Open Day and we expect a number of guests.

I have spent the afternoon making hearts: a brooch and a fridge magnet. Both of these I digitised and stitched out on my SE. I have also used a previous design and made 8 little tags that can be given to guests so they don't feel left out of it. I can fit four in a 10cm by 10cm hoop.
They are cut out with a soldering iron and I haven't yet done the second set so no examples.

If I have time I will make some more tomorrow afternoon, but I have to collect together all the stuff I will be using for the demonstration I am giving on simple stencil making so this may not happen.

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