Saturday, February 20, 2010

I've been published again

I received the new Textiles DownUnder magazine yesterday, but didn't start reading it thoroughly till today.

I am impressed - there is a big gap in the Australian market for a magazine which focuses on textile art. The magazine Machine Embroidery and Textile Art has been going for years (and I have to admit I have every copy - more stuff to get rid of) but the few articles on techniques other than computerised machine embroidery are not usually all that exciting.

One of the features was on ATCs and there are two ATCs attributed to me. However, I am positive that one of them is not mine - I think it may be on the opposite page under someone else's name. Sorry to whoever actually made it - what a shame.

The one I know is not mine is in the middle on the left - the gumnuts. Definitely not my style.

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