Saturday, June 14, 2008

Designing Women

The second week of the month is a busy one and today it was the meeting of Designing Women.

It was an UFO day - we have a couple of challenges to complete. One is to use a stretched canvas for a piece of textile work; the other is an interpretation of the environment surrounding the building where we meet. The two challenges can be combined - or not. (Confession time: apart from a little thinking time and a few sparse notes, I have made no progress on either).

I knew I wouldn't get much done, so I took along my knitting as my activity. I didn't even get it out of the bag! There was some wonderful stuff in progress. Pauline, who is a new member, was embroidering on top of images of paper bark trees that she had printed in several colours - very effective. Marlene was hemming fine wool scarves she had dyed - and she gave me a bundle of threads she frayed off the ends. Other members were in full flight on various other pieces. All this augurs well for our exhibition in November.

Show and Tell had a different twist. We spent some time evaluating possible selling prices if the item were to be offered for sale, either at our exhibition or at a gallery. This was an initiative of the Exhibition sub-committee and I think will prove very useful to members in putting a price on their work.

Dale was a visitor today and showed some samples of the work she has prepared for the online embellisher workshop she is running. She has 150 (+1) in this first class and already a waiting list for the second which starts in August. Her samples were wonderful and I think the workshop participants will benefit greatly.

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