Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A mostly wasted day

Had to go down to Orelia this morning to take Martin food shopping - he has messed up again and has no money. Then I took him to a doctor's appointment in Nedlands - about 45 minutes by car, an hour and a half plus by bus. He would never have made it if I hadn't. I waited for him and amused myself very well looking at books in the newsagent. Nearly bought one but decided I didn't need it - is this a first?

When I came home I removed the mushroom bits from the pot and boiled up some silk that I wrapped in a doughnut. I also unwrapped the wool I attempted to dye yesterday. Though there is some colour the resist is not very distinct, so I think I can say that these particular mushrooms do not dye wool. Still need to see the results on silk. I will leave it in the pot overnight.

This afternoon we went with Helen to look at a unit in East Fremantle. While it has definitely suffered under its previous bachelor tenants it should clean up OK and it is a much better unit than the previous one she made an attempt to rent. Should be - it is quite a bit more expensive, but Helen is working out an arrangement with her co-tenants that won't cost her much more than her present rent. I hope she gets it.

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