Friday, June 13, 2008

If it's the second Friday

of the month it must be the Contemporary Quilt Group meeting. And it was.

Rather sparse attendance (and very little Show and Tell) but an excellent meeting. Janet has been playing with fusing fabrics using a soldering iron (ref: Fusing Fabric by Margaret Beal, Batsford, 2005) and demonstrated some of her results using techniques from the book.

They were so delicate, especially her Seminole type pieces in organza, that I am inspired to revisit this technique. I confess that in the past I have been more interested in deconstruction. I took along a couple of pieces that demonstrated that.

Then I went to visit my elderly friend Jean who is still very alert, despite her physical frailties. She is legally blind, but has discovered that if she uses morning sunlight she can complete the crossword. By the afternoon the light is insufficient. I am in awe - the crossword she does is the cryptic version. I doubt I could get more than a couple of the words.

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