Friday, July 4, 2008

Copyright concerns

I have started to make lists of stuff I will need for the image transfer workshop I am teaching on Tuesday. Because the participants are teachers I feel I have to be really well prepared, so I have been making copious notes.

I have done the workshop notes as an outline: participants will have to make their own notes. It is sad, but you cannot supply detailed notes for any workshop. I have been caught before on several occasions - notes I had written being circulated without acknowledgement.

The introductory session will emphasise copyright, both for notes and images. Then we will explore a range of image transfer techniques: packing tape, solvent and glue transfers before moving on to printing on fabric from a computer.

The participants have been asked to send me images. So far I have had 5 responses. There are 15 doing the workshop - just as well I have a file of additional images already prepared.

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