Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Top of the Line, You Beaut, Dazzling Diamond . .

Yep, it's unveiling time.

The new ToL Husqvarna Diamond Designer was briefly demonstrated at the Bestway club meeting this morning. The full unveiling will be next week.

I have had an email to alert me that there will be a new ToL Bernina machine released next month. I think there may be a new Janome and a new Brother . . . . HOWEVER, these ToL sewing/embroidery machines cost as much as a good secondhand car.

As computers become more and more powerful the purchase price drops. We bought a Macintosh 128k computer, secondhand, in 1988 for $2200. We have continued to buy Macs. The last one we bought (8 months ago - a laptop with a dual processor that will run Windows XP and my sewing machine embroidery software) cost quite a bit less than $2000.

But the cost of ToL sewing machines keeps mounting. OK, it's a niche market, but consider the buying power of the dollar 20 years ago. And a ToL machine then cost less than $750.

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