Friday, August 1, 2008

Craft Fair

I had a lovely day today at the Craft Fair. I went with my sister Dorothy and met lots of people I knew. I had a shopping list and got everything I needed, but of course had to buy some things I didn't need - just wanted.

I fell in love with these cable needles. They are turned from dyed, laminated wood. There were also knitting needles of all sizes made the same way, but I resisted them.

Then I bought this yarn - not to knit socks, but to knit a scarf. I just happen to have a pattern for a cabled scarf - the needles will come in handy.

I am going back on Sunday. Designing Women have a display (which I helped set up yesterday) and I am rostered to look after it in the morning. I will wander and take some photos after that. The Art to Wear exhibit is great and so is the display of contemporary quilts by the Canberra group, Tactile.

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