Monday, August 11, 2008

Nothing Much Today

Very little fibre fiddling, though I did manage one seam on the pants I am trying to make.

Kevin was due at Murdoch SJOG Hospital by 12.30 for his colonoscopy. At 11.30 Martin rang up. He had left the headlights of his car on and the battery was flat. He had been unable to start it by pushing and wanted jumper leads. So that meant a trip to Orelia after dropping Kevin off - a full hour spent on this.

Then I went to do some chores and it was time to pick Kevin up. He was a bit woozy from the anaesthetic and has been napping since we got home. I need to make dinner now - chicken stirfry tonight. I will go and pull out a couple of the pak choy he has growing in a wheelbarrow out the back. Yum.

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