Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ugh, Computers - Day 2

I managed to purge the laptop sufficiently to defrag the hard drive, even though I only had 4% free space. Then I burnt 3 CDs as backups and dumped a bit more. I am obviously spoilt - the main computer we use (an iMac) has a 200G hard drive, and we have only used 86G.

The laptop is 5 years old and only has a 20G memory. I think I need a new PC, or else to stop thinking of the MacBook as a backup/toy and seriously put it to use. But there is still the need to update the 4D software. I am no longer getting the message that there is not enough space. Instead it seems that I am missing an essential part of the upgrade.

I went to the HV site to try and download the missing bit. More frustration - I am unable to get past the registration page.

Tomorrow I will take the laptop to Bestway and see if David can sort it out.

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