Saturday, August 9, 2008

DW Does Scarves

We had a great day today at the monthly Designing Women meeting. The theme was scarves - very appropriate with the weather we have been having. Everyone was asked to bring at least one. They were to be hand made or, if commercial, to demonstrate some interesting technique.

I had rummaged in my cupboards and managed to unearth a bakers' dozen. This is one of them: silk organza with 3D flowers. I made this as a workshop sample at least a year ago.

The diversity (quality and quantity) of the items brought along was amazing. There were knitted scarves in lots of different patterns - some knitted on a few stitches for lots of rows, others on lots of stitches for a few rows; woven scarves - these were all commercial ones, but we had fun working out how they had been done; felted scarves - nuno, cobweb and standard felt; painted and dyed scarves - hand made and commercial, and including marbled, shibori-ed, salt and urea patterned examples in silk, cotton and synthetics; embroidered scarves and scarves made on water soluble. We even had a couple of interesting wraps - Tish's rectangle with holes got people measuring busily, and Jaslyn's (designer brand) scarf with sleeves fascinated everyone.

Then most of us set about making scarves on water soluble fabric. It has been decided that we will have a scarf display as our group activity for our exhibition in November.

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