Friday, August 29, 2008

Textile day out

Juliet, Pauline and I made a fibre excursion today.

First stop was Treetop Harmonies in Floreat Park. Nancy Ballesteros has fabulous dyed wool and silk. Juliet bought up big. Pauline and I drooled over the samples, but did not buy.

Then we went to Woolly Lattes in Wembley. I have heard of this yarn shop/cafe, but have never been there. No purchases apart from coffee, but we were sorely tempted. We also made a quick visit to Hot Possum next door. Again the purse strings remained closed.

Next stop was the Thread Studio. Dale has wonderful stuff and all of us bought something. Designing Women now have a new addition to their library and the Retreat group will have access to Wild Women charms at their workshop. I have some yummy stuff to use with the embellisher and some new metallic threads.

Our final stop was the Old Bakery on 8th Gallery. Pauline had never been there before and enjoyed browsing the gift shop. We all loved the exhibition of paintings in acrylic by Malindi Parker. She obviously uses lace in creating her work, and we all had great fun working out her techniques. It was great stuff.

It was a really enjoyable day.

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