Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ugh, computers - day 3

The problem I had loading the update wasn't entirely my fault, hooray! The sequence in which we were told the files were to be loaded was wrong, and when David realised this we had no problems. I have spent the afternoon printing updated sample guides - this update has made all the stitches from both the Pfaff Creative Vision and the Diamond Designer available as motif fills. I doubt I will ever use more than a handful.

I also did some playing with the silk paper and knitting. This time I used some cotton knit that I bought in a roll from an auto supplies place (sold as cleaning cloth) some years ago. I have previously dyed some and used it with the embellisher. I coloured it with some of the Opulence inks that Dale sells, plus a few dabs of Jo Sonya Rose Gold (which looks much better in real life than it does in the scan).

I have realised that I did not sufficiently shake the Moonshadow Mists the other day and that was why there was no colour, only the brown. Today I used some more of the Opulence inks on top and it is much better. Again, even better in real life than in the scan.

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