Friday, August 15, 2008

Gallery Crawl

I don't often get to do a gallery crawl these days, so it was great to do one this afternoon with my friend Jennifer from the US. I picked her up from her niece's house in Cottesloe and we went first to the Stafford Gallery to see the Leon Pericles exhibition. I have always liked his work and both of us enjoyed his quirky collages. I also really liked his latest paintings. Some of them have a textile quality to them.

There are some amusing sculptures outside the gallery too.

Then we went to Gallerie Dusseldorf in Mosman Park where Paula Gaunt has some very interesting work on display. We also called into Calico and Ivy, but managed to resist the yarns and the Liberty prints.

On to the Fremantle Arts Centre. We were going to have coffee but I took Jennifer to see the exhibition by Innovative Stitches and by the time we left the cafe was closed. Bummer. We didn't go to see whatever else was on, but headed home for a cuppa.

We both had a lovely afternoon. Jennifer is staying with us for a couple of days, so we may get to see some more galleries.

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