Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bottle Bag (and bug)

Pam held another designing with 4D software workshop today. This was intended for people who don't have the full suite. I found it very valuable as a memory jogger and have plans to take the technique further.

We developed an applique of a wine bottle and used 4D Sketch to add a border to the labels and script on the label itself. The applique was buttonhole stitched (rather than using satin stitch). This was an extremely useful technique to learn. The bug was a whimsical extra.

The design was stitched on a black polypropylene bag which we unpicked. Good recycling.

I had trouble cutting away the applique fabric. The ball of my thumb gets very painful with prolonged use and it got a workout today with pen and tablet for 4D Sketch. It is being X-rayed on Thursday. Arthritis is the almost certain diagnosis, but which form? I already have some osteo in my hand, but it doesn't pain me. Kevin has rheumatoid and has a lot of pain. Getting old sucks!


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