Sunday, August 10, 2008

Clearing the decks

Most of the day has been spent tidying the sewing room. I couldn't see the worktable for all the stuff dumped on it, and I kept falling over plastic shopping bags from Spotlight and Textile Traders whenever I entered.

Some success. I can see the table surface again and the bags are no longer a pedestrian hazard.

I have collected together the fabric I have bought to make some new trousers (once I finish the prototype. I have changed shape recently and my beloved pattern is now too long in the crotch and too loose in the legs. I have been twiddling and the amended version is partly sewn).

I tested some black fabrics that I bought from Spotlight and elsewhere to use for discharge dyeing. A mixed bag here. A black fabric that I bought as rayon didn't discharge at all and when I did a burn test was obviously synthetic. The two fabrics labelled 100% cotton reacted quite differently to the bleach. One, labelled as cotton broadcloth, discharged really quickly to a very attractive red/orange. The other, labelled calico, took a long time to discharge, but the end result was a rather nice yellowish grey.

Kevin is having a colonoscopy tomorrow and can't eat solids or drink anything other than clear liquids. I am keeping out of the way.

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