Monday, August 18, 2008

Old Lace

Jennifer and her brothers have been sorting out her mother's house. She will never be able to return there and she had already designated who was to get what.

While they all felt it was a bit ghoulish, it had to be done before the house can be sold (which it will need to be under the laws governing residents of nursing homes) and it made sense to do it while both Jennifer and her eldest brother were in Perth.

There was a quantity of antique linen including lovely drawn thread work and hand crocheted lace. Jennifer gave me some of it to me "to do something with" and now I will have to.

Here are some of the treasures.

There is also a cotton nightdress with filet crochet and hemstitching. It is so worn it is past restoring, but still beautiful. There are some rust spots on it - maybe I should rust it further?

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