Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Old Bones

I had a series of X-rays last week.

One was a bone density measurement. I have not had any indication of osteoporosis, but my doctor thought it might be a good idea to establish a benchmark for future reference. I had to pay for the procedure due to my lack of symptoms, but I need not ever worry about it again (unless I live past 100 - most unlikely). I have bones as strong as a normal 25 year old.

However, the news was not so good regarding my right thumb. I knew I had some osteoarthritis there because of a bone bump on the middle joint. The X-ray indicated this was not a problem, but that the bottom joint was not in good shape. Explains the pain when knitting or hand sewing, but the doctor says "use it or lose it".

I did some hand stitching today. I can manage an hour, then I have to stop. The doctor recommends topical inflammatory creams, so I will have to try them.

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