Saturday, July 12, 2008

Expedition to the Hills

In fact, Mundaring isn't that far away.

When my father and stepmother lived at Sawyers Valley (the next village up the highway from Mundaring) and we lived in Safety Bay (30 minutes south of where we live now) it didn't seem all that big a deal. We drove up at least every month or so.

Now I need a push to go there. The goad was applied yesterday when the Contemporary Quilt Group's meeting was an excursion to the Stitched and Bound exhibition. I carpooled with three others who live south of the river and I really enjoyed being driven rather than driving. Thanks, Stephanie.

The exhibition was interesting. As usual, I couldn't really see why some pieces had been selected, but I was most impressed by others. We were given a floor talk by the convenor and some of the artists.

Then we went to a little tearooms/restaurant a few kilometres down the road for lunch. They had been warned of the influx, but the speed of service and the quality of the food was impressive.

We arrived back in Mt Pleasant about 3pm. It had been a very pleasant day.

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