Saturday, September 27, 2008

Body Image

It's really scary when you are confronted with a facsimile of your body as it actually is - not how you thought it was.

At the Innovative Stitches meeting today we wrapped each other in paper tape to make upper body forms. The idea is that we will develop embroideries that may feature in an exhibition to be held in 2010.

Photographs were allowed, though requests were made that the images not appear on You Tube or My Space. Not a problem! I have cropped this to eliminate faces - just imagine these three repeated sixfold and you can get some idea of the chaos.

This is somebody's body. Not mine. I have decided that diet and exercise need to become higher priorities.

1 comment:

tumbleweed said...

what a brilliant idea for documenting shapes! really much better than using a tape measure as it being 3 D the information can be more easily processed...