Thursday, September 25, 2008

FibresWest approaching fast and some hassles

Fibres West, the regional textile forum at Bunbury, is now just over a week away and there is lots yet to do. I have collected most of my bits, but still have a couple more to find, then I need to pack it all! I am glad I am not travelling by plane and have the luxury of filling up the car boot.

One of the major tasks still looming is the bulk fabric order for the participants in the workshop I am taking. I am still waiting for one of the fabrics to be delivered and am getting a bit worried. Despite frequent phone calls nothing definite seems to be happening.

Yesterday I cut up the two fabrics, silk and rayon, that I had received and organised them into a bag for each participant. I was feeling very smug until I suddenly realised that the silk was not the 10mm weight, but 8.5mm. The supplier had sent the wrong one and of course I had failed to double check the label.

OUCH! It had been cut up so couldn't be returned. So I rang the supplier. Fortunately she had the heavier silk in stock and delivered it today in person. She has given me a good price on the light weight silk and I am hopeful that I will be able to resell the wrong bits, but it is an extra hassle I don't need.

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