Friday, September 26, 2008

PFD fabric all done

I rang the supplier of the cotton PFD fabric this morning. The bolt had arrived and she would get the local courier to pick it up for delivery to me. I should have it by Tuesday.

TUESDAY!! Eeek! I stewed over it for a bit, consulted Kev and rang her back.

We took a trip to Lower Chittering. Quite a pleasant (if rather long) drive. Should have taken the camera - there were a few interesting shots we could have taken. Damn! Will I never learn? Write it out a hundred times - "never leave the house without the camera".

I cut up the fabric this afternoon with Kevin's help. Since it was 150cm wide we couldn't use my 60cm quilting ruler. One of the squares he made from MDF for the Melville Textile Project turned out to be the perfect tool. It's always satisfying that a one-off piece can be used more than once.

By 6pm all the fabric was cut and organised into bags. I have emailed all participants and hope to distribute quite a few tomorrow.

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