Monday, September 29, 2008

Picnic in Kings Park - not on a public holiday

It was Dorothy's birthday, so we arranged to meet in King's Park. It was a really lovely day - no clouds and warm, a Spring day perfect for a picnic. We had forgotten it was a public holiday and it seemed at least half the population of Perth thought the same. Here are some of them on the lawn near the Pioneer Womens' Fountain.

We drove around for three quarters of an hour looking for a parking space. We had Mike's mobile phone number but could not connect despite repeated calls from both our own mobiles. Eventually Kevin dropped me off and I walked to where we were supposed to meet. No sign of Dorothy and Mike, but I did take a picture of the boab tree that was recently moved more than 1500 km from the Kimberley. It looks a bit stressed - I hope it survives.

We were a bit stressed too and decided to give up. We ate our picnic in the Narrows Interchange Park - no crowds there - and headed home.

Dorothy rang from home later. They had given up too.

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