Monday, May 5, 2008

A day out with fibre included

Trudi had a garage sale yesterday and Juliet and I journeyed up into the hills to attend it. We had a very pleasant morning.

It was not your usual garage sale - not a rusty bike or piece of chipped china in sight. At least not for sale - there are lots of rusty things and broken china that have been used to make installations all around the property. The studio where Trudi was selling is quite separate from the house. Both are nestled amongst trees and have a wonderful view of the Wungong Dam. the studio is built of rough hewn timber and it is almost a house itself, with a large entrance porch, even bigger workroom with a patio, kitchen and toilet and out the back a huge storage and wet area where Trudi does dyeing and screenprinting. I intended to take the camera, but of course forgot it, and while I had my phone the pictures it takes are dreadful. I really wanted closeups of some of the little arrangements that are everywhere.

Trudi was having a clear out. She has been a textile artist for more than 30 years and like most of us has stuff that she will never use. So she decided to sell it. We had a wonderful time and the prices Trudi had put on things were so cheap! So now I have a bit more stuff myself.

There was also some of Trudi's daughter's stuff for sale as well. Helena has gone to live in Singapore and left behind lots of things for her mother to sell. There were lots of clothes - nothing to fit me, of course, but I grabbed a rose coloured tiedyed embroidered dress. Surely I'll find a use for the fabric in this . .

After we left Trudi's we decided to try to find a gallery which we thought also was a cafe. We did a long trip through new residential developments and eventually found the gallery. No cafe though. Waterways is a wonderful space with lots of light and a mezzanine floor. The art on display was mediocre - a shame. Juliet thought it would be a wonderful place to hold a folk concert.

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