Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rain and more rain and textiles

This morning Juliet and I went to Martien's "Garage Sale with a Twist". Juliet bought quite a bit of fibre, including a bundle of carded wool. I bought some undyed wool and wool and angora tops, plus a couple of small bags of wool and silk scraps. I also bought a bag of bushland bits - mostly because it contained a dry Eucalytus Lehmanii flowerbud head. This is the one that features in the books on eucalytus and is quite different from the one on the bush at Bibra Lake. Obviously related though. Here are the two of them together.

Afterwards we went to the Old Bakery on 8th gallery in Maylands. We had thought there were some textiles in the current exhibition - we were too early by a week. But the shop had lots of lovely things including some great nuno felted pieces. Just as we were about to leave the skies opened. We waited a bit, then made a dash for the car. The drive home on the Freeway was horrendous with visibility down to a few metres. We drove very slowly in the left hand lane. Didn't stop some idiots roaring past at 100kph plus though.

We decided we needed some more of a fibre fix, so went to Textile Traders in Myaree. They still have some wonderful silks and it was a 25% off day. I bought some black devore silk georgette which I plan to make into a collarless shirt. We both bought a couple of metres of tiedyed rayon at a dollar a metre and some very wide cotton muslin/scrim which we are planning to dye and use as bases for the embellisher.

It was a great day despite the pressure of driving in the downpour - and the rain was very welcome too.

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