Thursday, May 29, 2008

One thing after another

I have been so involved in all sorts of activities (and most of them related to textiles!) that I have been too slack to write in the blog. So this is a kind of catch up.

Following the SCQuilters Retreat I hung the Australia Wide art quilt exhibition at QuiltWest on Tuesday the 20th. I didn't do it alone (Margery Goodall was the artistic director and top row hanger) but it took us quite a long time.

The quilts looked fabulous and it was wonderful to be able to look at them at close quarters. It is impossible to see details on a web image. The range of techniques and materials used was mind blowing. I wish I could afford to buy some of them.

I visited the quilts on Wednesday and Friday, travelling to the Craft Fair by train. The new Mandurah line is so quick and easy - provided you have someone to drop you off at the station so you don't have to find parking. I also spent some time looking at the vendors' stalls. I didn't buy much at all, except for a book about photo imagery on fabric and some wool dyes. I did a hands on workshop on knitting socks with a circular needle and had to buy some sock yarn for that. I just love the way that yarn patterns itself. Otherwise I was very circumspect.

Saturday I went to the Innovative Stitches Group and helped to mount the group textile piece for the exhibition which opens next week. I don't have any pieces in the exhibition because I joined the group only this year, but the work that has been done is stunning.

Sunday I made a small effort to tidy the house after all the comings and goings, then went back to the Convention Centre to pull down the exhibition. This was a VERY much faster job than the hanging of them.

Monday I packed up the quilts and sent them back to NSW, then stitched out a cross stitch design that I had digitised. This one worked well.

Tuesday I did another 4D workshop with Pam. This one was on wildflowers and I am quite pleased with the result. I am thinking about using this technique to embellish some photo printed fabric . . .

Wednesday and today I did a breadmaking demonstration for Helen's kindy class. They also made butter from cream and they just loved eating the fresh bread and butter. They also had a visit from Farmer Mick - a wonderful experience for them.

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