Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fashion Reinvention

I went to a talk this evening by Jody Pearl who is very well known locally for her reconstructed fashions. It was held at a local op shop. Jody brought along heaps of garments and described the techniques she had used in each case. There were a few of her previous students in the audience who were wearing garments they had constructed in her classes who also described what they had done. I scribbled down heaps of notes - I hope I am able to read them tomorrow. I am enthused and inspired.

I have been interested in recycling clothing for some time, but have lacked the courage to actually hack into things. Jody made it all sound so easy. I plan to find some discarded things tomorrow and TRY. I have enough bits and pieces that I decided I should pass on the 20% discount offered. Maybe that was a mistake?