Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm reading

lots. I haven't been able to see well enough to sew much because it needs a constant switch of glasses, none of which seem to do the job properly, but once I get the reading glasses on and focus on a book all is well.

I have just finished this book. I love it when I discover a new-to-me writer who has written heaps of books. I had heard of Rebus, maybe even watched parts of a TV episode, but had never read any of the books. Now I am a fan. I will be searching the library . . . and the secondhand bookshops.

This resonates:
" . . he picked up some books from the floor and stacked them against a wall, beside other columns of paperbacks and hardbacks, read and unread. One day he would get time to read them. They were like contraband: he couldn't stop himself buying them, but then he never really did anything with them once he'd bought them. The buying was the thing, that sense of ownership."

I have some of those piles too.

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downunderdale said...

Ian Rankin is great - I took 4 Rebus books with me to Bali and thoroughly enjoyed them. If I had known you would like them I would have brought them back but I left them for others to read....