Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Viking Knitting

Jan, one of our members, is going to give a workshop on this at the meeting of Designing Women this Saturday. I have been collecting all the necessary bits and pieces - is it possible that I may actually use up a bit of the wire I have accumulated over the years? It's not only books that I feel I have to acquire.

Some of the bits needed are to be found in "the shed" - Kevin has come up trumps with Allen keys. I had to buy a small jewellers' vise though because he only has a major one permanently fixed to the workbench.

I have been surfing and have found some stuff on the net that has whetted my appetite. This is a necklace by an American lady, Jan Raven.

She sells a .pdf tutorial on the process. If I like what I manage in Jan's workshop I may buy it.

Later:I couldn't wait and I have bought it. Now to try out the technique.

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Jan-Ra said...

Hi Joan, this is Jan Raven in the USA. I'd love to see photos of what you make with the technique. I hope my tutorial will help when you attend the workshop! Sometimes getting information from two sources can help you understand the process more easily.