Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Books are fibre, aren't they?

It has been wonderful to have complete justification for losing myself in a book every day. I confess to not being able to tackle anything heavyweight as yet and my textile books remain unopened. Maybe next week. In the meantime I am devouring mostly crime and fantasy/SF.

I have been hoarding the Bujold books - she is an excellent writer (Miles Vorkosigan, anyone?). This seemed like the time to read them - especially since there is a fourth volume due out in late January. I have ordered it from Amazon and will read Volume 3 and 4 together - there is a logical break between them and the first two. I thoroughly enjoyed them and will now reread the Miles books soon.

Kerry Greenwood is one of my favourite Oz writers. I have all of her Phyrne Fisher series (something else to reread), but felt like wallowing in more contemporary Melbourne. This is wonderful fantasy crime. I started with this

and have now reread all but Devil's Food.

I borrowed from the library for a couple - I do not actually own every book I have ever read - just a lot of them.

Other books I have read and enjoyed in the last weeks include Body Double by Tess Gerritsen (definitely a white knuckled page turner) and The Bread with Seven Crusts by Susan Temby.

My sister loaned this to me some months ago and said I would enjoy it. I did, though I felt the ending was less satisfactory than the body of the novel. It is the story of an Italian POW working on a farm near Southern Cross in World War II. Our father employed Italian POWs during the same time period and it brought back many memories, even though I was only five when the war ended.

Tonight I intend to read a Nora Roberts. I feel like some very easy reading.

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