Monday, January 18, 2010

Elizabeth's Open House

Once again, a great afternoon at Elizabeth Morley's , even though numbers were down due to the appalling heat - another 42 degree plus day. I must confess I thought about staying home in airconditioning, but Juliet had offered me a lift so I went.

I had over-estimated my stamina so spent most of the afternoon sitting under an airconditioning vent and chatting to others. Lovely to see people like Zoe who have moved away from the city. I forgot my camera so didn't take any photos of the Show and Tell which was excellent as usual. Dale had the most fabulous Flower Stitched piece - I covet it and ordered her new booklet on the spot.

Thank you, Elizabeth. I have been to every one of your Open Houses and I look forward to it each year. And thank you for the threads - I will remember that I owe you.

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