Saturday, May 1, 2010

Castaways at Rockingham

We drove down to Rockingham this morning to look at this year's Castaways exhibition on the foreshore and beach. It opened today and runs till May 9th. In my opinion it was better than last year's , especially in the use of recycled materials. I was particularly taken with this installation. It is by Claire Davenhall and is titled Lost Soles. A quote from her artist statement: "The chain and rope connects lost soles from generation to generation".

Other sculptures I really liked in the recycled section were Spent Seed Pods by Greg Gelmi,

Reptilian Roadworks by Robin Yakinthou

and Extinctus (made from old tires) by Leon Zuks.

In the section with an aluminium component my favourites were

Tania Spencer's Light Shadow

Ruth Acton's Red Fish

and Richard Fry's Egg.

There were heaps of other great pieces, and I thoroughly recommend a visit if you can make it down to Rockingham in the next week.

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Anonymous said...

JUst thought you would like to know that Castaways 2011 is now on on Rockingham Foreshore.