Friday, May 21, 2010

Craft Fair and QuiltWest

I went to the Craft Fair today. I had volunteered to assist with manning the Contemporary Quilt Group stand in the afternoon, so I went in the morning to look at the stalls and watch some demonstrations.

I was going to take the train, but Kevin offered to take me to Perth, so I arrived fresh and full of energy. I paced myself well, interspersing two demonstrations with stall browsing, then a sit down for lunch (which I took along to avoid the high prices for show food). A final bit of browsing, then off to the CQG stand. I was able to sit down for most of the time I was on duty.

I did manage a quick look at the major quilt display. There were some fabulous ones, and I took lots of photos, but don't think you are supposed to post them on blogs. I can, however, show the pieces I had in the CQG display.

I also had a piece in the WAFTA display, but I didn't get a photo of that. I came home by train and we have had takeaway for dinner. Tomorrow I must finish stapling my entry for the Melville Art Awards to its frame and attach a hanging wire, then deliver it - all before noon.

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linda stokes said...

I enjoyed your profile pieces Joan! Good luck with your Melville entry.