Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moving along

Using double sided tape and photographic paper worked and the printer duly delivered two A3 size prints on fabric. They are one photo split down the middle and will be joined together as the background for my piece.

This morning, after some cogitation and measuring of pre-prepared canvases, I decided that I needed another A3 print for the background. A bit of Photoshopping later, I had altered one of the background prints sufficiently that it could join reasonably seamlessly to the others. It also printed without hassle. Obviously, freezer paper is too flimsy for large prints - the printer needs a heavier paper to cope with fabric as an additional layer.

I have now fused all three prints to a background fabric and have stitched one third of it. I am taking a break - my back is aching a bit from hunching over the fabric as I freemotion stitched. I will do another hour after I have had a little rest, and tomorrow I should be able to fit in another two hours or so before we have to go to the hospital. This should mean the background stitching will be finished. Then I have Thursday to complete the piece. I am hoping to be able to go to the Craft Fair on Friday - the piece is due for submission before noon on Saturday. I will probably make it!

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