Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Angels and an organised workspace

Designing Women had their Christmas party on Saturday. Venue was Helen B's new house in Wembley - fabulous, especially the art on the walls.

We made our angel swap. This is the collection laid out on a table - I hope I got it all.

Kevin and I got a Christmas present from the government last week - $2100 for the two of us, being holders of the Seniors Health Card. The government says SPEND, SPEND so we did - a bit of it.

I have wanted shelves in the laundry almost since we moved into this house. The laundry is very large and was obviously designed to be a sewing room for someone who did not have all the stash I have, or do the the multi media stuff that I do. There is a L-shaped bench that runs under a large window and then along a blank wall.

No longer blank. We bought an Elfa hanging system yesterday and installed it today. We had to go back to the store to exchange components - the shelves I chose were too wide - but I am very happy with the finished setup.

I wish I had taken a photo of the bench before I cleared it. Imagine a pile of shopping bags on the left, and assorted piles of stuff on the right, with the embellisher surrounded. How long will this present neatness prevail?

Today I have also decorated the (fake) Christmas tree and put out the various Christmas decorations all over the house. I admit to being a bit surprised at how much hand made stuff I have (and how old some of it is). I was planning to make a lace Nativity scene which will probably not be done this year. At least I made a couple of lace snowflakes - see below.

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