Friday, December 5, 2008

Facing a challenge

Contemporary Quilt Group is having a swap at the December meeting. You had to hand over a small bag of assorted textile bits, then collect a bag that someone else had contributed. You then needed to make something with your bag of goodies, using some mixed media techniques.

I am not sure how the swap is actually going to work. I hope that the completed piece goes back to the original provider of the raw materials. I would love to see what has been made from my bag.

I lucked out with the bag I collected. A pile of silk scraps, a piece of a cotton flour bag and two small bundles of metallic fibres. Immediate response - an evening bag.

And this is what I have made.

I laid out silk bits on a sticky stabiliser which I had ironed to the flour bag, scattered bits of the metallic fibres over, then covered the lot with a chiffon scarf. I stitched lines with a metallic thread, scribbled with a soldering iron in some of the spaces, made a twisted thread cord for a handle and then lined and constructed the bag in one step (a technique I learned from Glenys Mann - thanks, Glenys!)

I had been sewing digitised Xmas lace designs on the SE while I was working on the Orchidea to construct the bag, so the final step was a metallic snowflake to make it Christmassy.

I am really pleased with the result - hope the recipient likes it too.

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