Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Beating the Sales

Since I had the Christmas stuff all organised and I didn't feel inspired to do anything textiley today, I decided to go to Garden City shopping centre and buy myself a pair of really comfortable shoes to wear tomorrow.

I had expected the place to be really really crowded. First piece of good news - easily found a parking spot. Second bit of good news - while there were lots of people about, it wasn't jampacked and it was easy to move about.

But the really exciting bit was that Myer was getting ready for the after Christmas Stocktake Sale (looked like 20 -50% plus off most things) and because the sale stickers were already in place those prices applied. So I examined shoes at my leisure, tried several pairs on and finally bought a pair at almost half price.

But buying them involved quite a drama.

I had tried on a pair which fitted well in a bronze colour which I didn't really like, so I asked if they came in another colour. The sales girl found one box in the right size out the back with the left shoe in black. The right shoe was somewhere on the sales tables. We went looking for it - couldn't find it anywhere. More sales personnel became involved. No sign of it. Even more sales people now looking. I felt quite embarrassed, but they assured me that there were no more pressing tasks at the moment. Eventually the shoe was found in a big box of markdowns and I paid for them - I could hardly not have after all the fuss, but I did want them.

Imagine all this happening when the sale was actually on. I think I would have got short shrift on Saturday when the sale starts, apart from probably having to fight with other wouldbe purchasers.

I don't think I will be going to the after Christmas sales. I got my bargains today.

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