Saturday, December 27, 2008


I used to make all my clothes, especially in the days when knit fabrics were all the go. Now I usually only make slacks - I can never buy any that fit properly and I have tweaked two patterns that work really well.

However, I have a pile of patterns (quite a few never used) and somehow I keep on buying dress fabric.

Boxing Day I went through my dressmaking stash. We are going on a cruise in February and I feel the need for some new clothes. I found so much that could be used that I doubt I will have time to make it all - OR the luggage allowance to get it to Sydney from where the cruise leaves.

Today I have cut out 3 lots of trousers using both my old faithful patterns and pinned the pattern for a top on a silk sarong I bought in Bali about 6 years ago. Everything fits - phew!

Tomorrow I plan to cut out a silk chiffon big shirt, a black devore velvet jacket and a black silk camisole to go under it.

I think I should sew these before I undertake any other garments. Wish me luck!

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