Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clearing the decks

What a pity I didn't take Before and After photos! I have spent the afternoon in my sewing room. I can now use the table (though there's still stuff on it, it's piled neatly at one end) and the only bags on the floor (except the two that will go to the op shop tomorrow) are the ones in the baskets under the table. Most of the books have gone back to the bookshelf and the few that haven't are in a neat pile on one of the cupboards.

I have 3 projects lined up, and have even put away all the threads except the ones I will be using. I feel an enormous sense of achievement.

Mind you, the tidy space will only last until I start the first project and I am sure I will have problems in the future finding some of the stuff I have put away so carefully.

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