Thursday, March 5, 2009

Workshop on the Web

I am still having eye problems and I can't get an appointment with either the optometrist or the GP until late next week, so I am continuing with the glasses shuffle. HATE it!

I did look at my email this morning and found the password for the March issue of Workshop on the Web. I thought there were a number of interesting articles, but the new format doesn't allow you to read before downloading which I think is not good. I usually do not download everything, but I had to, just to read it. Hope our download limit is OK.

I have subscribed to WOW since it started and have usually printed out the articles I found interesting. Decided to look at the printouts I have made and found that I had nothing printed out since March 2007. I seemed to remember that I had downloaded a number of PDFs and printing would be a task that was visually non-demanding.

When I went looking I remembered that at the end of last year Kevin somehow managed to consign my huge personal file to cyberspace and all our efforts to restore it had failed. Guess what was included in that!

So today I have downloaded two years' worth of articles. I plan to re-read them as soon as I can do so without problems, then print out what I think I will refer to in the future.

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