Monday, March 16, 2009

Gilding the Pomegranate

Apart from the meeting of Designing Women on Saturday I did nothing textile related over the weekend. The meeting was a good one - there were lots of tassels brought in for the swap and everyone seemed pleased with the one they got. I forgot to take a photo, yet again! Juliet got mine and I got Linda's lovely little flower tassel.

(If anyone is interested, both the cat tassel and the blue one I showed the other day are about 25cm long. Linda's is approx 8cm). Helen demonstrated a mola technique and some lovely pieces were started. Not by me. Kevin has generously given me his cold, and I have not been feeling well.

However today I decided to finish my homework for the Husqvarna meeting tomorrow. The project was to use gold leaf to embellish a textile piece. I had printed a photograph of some pomegranates and stitched into it a little, so I applied some vliesofix, then the gold leaf. It is not the most original or well done project, but it doesn't look too bad when inserted in a shadow box frame.

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