Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nothing Much - Ordinary Extraordinary

Yesterday afternoon we picked up our friend Graham, who lives in Sydney, at the airport. We checked the plane arrival time (1.56) and arrived at the airport environs just after two to await a mobile call from him that he had collected his bags and was ready to be picked up. We parked in a neighbouring street, next to a stand of these towering eucalypts, and waited and waited and waited. Eventually we collected him at nearly 3pm.

After a short respite at home we went to Cottesloe to see the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. I was not as impressed by the exhibits as I have been in the last two years, but did enjoy our time there. I really liked the Andy Warhol piece and the emus. This one won the Viewer's Award.

I didn't take a photo of Tania Spencer's work unfortunately, but here's a scan from the catalogue. The scan does not show clearly that the piece is made from knitted galvanised wire (almost a textile!) There were several small children crawling in and out and looking like they were having enormous fun doing it.

Today I have been to the eye specialist. Good news. He has given me some steroid eyedrops to clean up the problem with my left eye, and reassured me that the cataracts I am starting to develop are not going to cause a problem for a few years yet. BUT I can't wear my lenses for at least another week, boo-hoo.

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