Thursday, March 12, 2009


I decided I needed to make another tassel to use the purple hank of yarn I showed the other day.

Last month Designing Women had a swap of hearts and I ended up with a stitched (machine embroidered) cat's face and a red felt heart. I really couldn't think what I could do with them.

The cat is a design by Laurel Burch and I happen to own that design collection. What if I stitched another face, joined them together and used them as a head cover? So I did.

This is the tassel at the moment - just yarns tied together. I need to tie them off and bind the head, then slip the cat faces over. I don't know which tassel will go in the swap.

And for anyone interested: I did get a doctor's appointment and a script for some stronger eyedrops. I have been using them religiously and my eye feels so much better that I am going to put in my lenses tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

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